Comfort, end-of-life 'five wishes' workshop May 30

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Posted on 9/3/2019

It's the conversation of your life, Have you had it yet?

Westwood for All Ages invites the public to "Five Wishes," a workshop on identifying, documenting, and making known one's choices on healthcare and the end of life before it's too late.

Co-sponsors are the Thomas J. Riley Senior Centers North Jersey Villages (NJV), Norris McLaughlin and CareOne at Valley.

The event, which is free and includes dinner, runs Thursday, May 30 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. at the Thomas J. Riley Senior Center, 100 Madison Ave., Westwood.

The workshop stems from the New Jersey HealthCare Quality Institute's Conversation of Your Life (COYL) program, which provides mayors and community partners with tools to develop a community conversation around end-of-life care planning in a dignified, culturally sensitive, and accessible way.

According to Kathy Kuzma, who serves on the Bergen County Conversation of Your Life (COYL) task force and presides over NJV a not-for-profit organization working to develop a "virtual villages" for seniors who wish to remain living at home with an enhanced quality of life, the five wishes approach to documenting and discussing care and comfort choices clarifies options and simplifies what could otherwise be a daunting task.

"If you have ever witnessed a family struggling to make decisions with or for a loved one whose life situation suddenly changed or they could not make decisions for themselves, you understand the importance of thinking about and communicating your wishes for care in such a situation," Kuzma says in the event announcement.

The workshop will focus on understanding legal documents and state requirements, helping families connect, communicating effectively with healthcare providers and influencing communities by advocating for compassionate care.

Participants will be able to draft their wishes based on five questions:

• Who do I want to make care decisions from if I can't?
• What kind of medical treatment do I want?
• How comfortable want to be?
• How do I want people to treat me?
• What do want my loved ones to know?

Space is limited. To register, write or leave a message at (917) 701-3121.

Westwood for All Ages is a collaborative initiative seeking to enhance the quality of life for all who live in Westwood. Its aim is to help older adults in Westwood make the most of their options for transportation, housing, and sources of communication so that they can thrive in their homes and fully participate in every aspect of community life.

Its funding is provided-by the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation.

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