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Posted on 3/13/2020

Given all the COVID craziness, Umbrella has developed something positive, fun, and community building. We are looking for Members and others - young or old - who would be interested in video chatting with Chinese students who are quarantined due to the virus outbreak (think of it as a modern day pen pal program). The students are looking to practice their English (and keep busy!) while they are stuck at home…NJV is partnering with Umbrella because this is an especially great opportunity for older adults who are self-quarantining and want to fill 30 minutes in their day in a fun way!  Will you join us?  Can you spread the word to others who might want to join us?  

 What: 1-to-1 video chat conversation with a student in China (Discussion suggestions attached)

 Where: Over WeChat video conference (WeChat download information attached; technical assistance can be provided)

 When: Typically 9am EST but can be scheduled directly with the student

 Who: Anyone who wants to be a modern pen pal and downloads WeChat on their Android, iPad or iPhone 

 How: Register your interest in participation (or send your questions):
  or call: 844-402-2480


How to Quarantalk!

WeChat Instructions

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