North Jersey Villages

About Village Services

  • Villages tend to be "volunteer first," which means that they prefer to use trained volunteers to deliver services.
  • Villages partner with local government and nonprofit organizations to provide a wider range of services. Villages provide "one call does it all" support and problem solving for their members
  • Villages do not duplicate existing services. They make it their business to know what is offered by nonprofit and for-profit businesses, senior centers, and government agencies and how to utilize these services.
  • Village members can identify service gaps and work to fill them or lobby for solutions.
  • Services are provided by trained volunteers and/or in cooperation with existing local providers (i.e. transportation, shopping, household chores, gardening, and light home repairs and maintenance for members).
  • Villages promote vibrant and healthy living through building relationships and developing community with social and other activities (i.e. potluck dinners, book clubs, exercise/wellness activities, and educational programs, depending on needs and wants of members).
  • Villages negotiate discounts with local vendors for members.
  • Villages maintain a database of quality and affordable local service providers and provide these alternatives to fill requests from members when/if needed.
  • Village members contributing their skills and services can bank volunteer hours to be used in exchange for benefits or services they may need in the future.

If you want to get involved please email