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Posted on 1/11/2021

Updated January 15, 2021: “There isn't enough supply to meet the demand right now. More people are requesting vaccinations than doses are available,” Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said. She asked for patience as people clamor to get vaccinated.

The NJ Department of Health has prioritized who can get a vaccination and when (see new timeline):

  • healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents
  • first responders and other essential workers
  • adults over 65 years old and those with high-risk medical conditions
  • general population (Target: 70% within next 6 months)

The County Executive’s Office and Bergen County’s Health Department are finalizing plans for vaccine distribution based on State’s guidelines and will provide details as they become available. 

Pursuant to CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement, all providers must vaccinate at no cost regardless of individual’s type of coverage or whether they have health

 If you are eligible to receive a vaccine, there are generally three ways to get vaccinated:

  1. You can make an appointment directly with one of the designated vaccination sites across the state (but many are scheduled to capacity for available vaccines). Click here to view a full list of these designated vaccination sites.
  2. You can pre-register for the vaccine on the NJ Vaccine Scheduling System, and you will be notified when an appointment is available to youClick here to to visit the NJ Vaccine Scheduling System.
  3. Select healthcare facilities, including many hospitals and some local health departments, are offering vaccines directly to their workers

The NJV program “Going Forward with COVID-19” (Part 1) features Bergen County and state health department officers and local older adults interviewed about their experiences with COVID-19.  This program, now on YouTube, might be helpful as you make your decision about the COVID-19 vaccination. 

The Challenges "Going Forward with COVID-19"🌐

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