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Posted on 3/25/2021

If you are finding it physically or financially challenging to maintain your home, join us on Zoom at 1:30 on Wednesday, May 19th to consider some innovative ideas for addressing the challenges…

Some available resources to help address housing challenges include:

CHORE is a good resource for those who could use some affordable assistance in “handy-man” maintenance or minor renovations for aging at home.

Every month the Navigator Notes are updated with available affordable housing in Bergen County. And it is posted on this Homepage under "News & Resources”

New Jersey has also launched a website & hotline for housing assistance
        WEBSITE: PHONE: 888-691-3002 (Read more...)

Also available: utilities assistancemortgage assistance, property tax reliefrental assistance and eviction protection (available especially for those whose situation has changed due to COVID-19). 

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