US 2020 Census

Help needed with completing the 2020 U.S. Census Questionnaire?  Assistance is available in 59 non-English languages. (Read More...

65 & older population is growing… Make sure you are counted!  Remind others to be counted!  (Read More...)  

The Road Back - Stage 3? - Not Yet!

Read Governor Murphy's plan to restore economic health through public health.

NJ Motor Vehicle Department Deadlines for licenses, registrations, inspections stickers, and temporary tags were extended to give customers more time to renew.  (Read More...)  

Retirement Accounts

In 2020 there will be no required minimum distribution from workplace retirement savings plans like 401(k). That way you are not forced to sell investments that may have fallen in value.

You can withdraw money from your I.R.A or retirement plan early without a penalty if it is related to the outbreak. You can take out up to $100,000 without the 10 percent penalty. You can also spread out the income taxes owed on the withdraw over three years and put the money back before the three years are up. You qualify if you, a spouse or dependent tested positive or experienced negative economic consequences.

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During the COVID-19 public health emergency, legislative mandates and administrative authorities have allowed the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to issue temporary Medicare waivers and rules. Combined, these policies have let beneficiaries receive a wider range of health services from home, from a broader array of providers, and using more types of technology. (Read more...)

Not Fraud or Scam

Metabank issues VISA card Stimulus Payment

 As an incentive to spend the stimulus money to maintain current with your bills and buy your essentials from local businesses, the Treasury Department has sent out over 4 million stimulus payments in the form of VISA debit cards issued by Metabank. Not being familiar with Metabank, many people receiving an envelope from Metabank thought it was marketing material or a potential fraud or scam with a phony debit card....  This was their stimulus "check"!

If you threw out the card, the Metabank debit card can be replaced.  (See question #48)

If you received your stimulus money on a  Metabank debit card and want to know how you can use it - and want to avoid fees, read this article.

Your Five Wishes…

 In these unprecedented times, we hear about so many people who suddenly find themselves in ICU… 

 Do you wonder if they thought about or planned for a medical emergency such as this Covid-19 pandemic could precipitate? Does it raise questions about planning in advance for your care in an emergency situation?  

 We invite you to view a webinar, "Five Wishes Made Easy," to learn about a simple tool for documenting what matters most to you. It is beneficial to have a copy of "Five Wishes" while viewing the webinar. NJV is, therefore, making a free online copy of "Five Wishes" available for you...

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Umbrella is now offering outside jobs but not yet scheduling any inside work.  The Shop and Drop is still available for those who need that service.  People 60+ are eligible.  Call 973-200-4499 or sign up online.

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NJV Survey

NJV would be grateful for your feedback about the value of NJV’s website and Constant Contact messages during this COVID-19 quarantine and Census 2020 period – and on an ongoing basis.

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