North Jersey Villages


Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:10 Ten with Teepa
Every Monday thru Thursday
10-3 Respite Program at JCC
Every Monday thru Friday
9:00 Bergenfield Breakfast
9:30 Bergenfield Dominoes/Puzzles/ Cards
9:30 N. Arlington Cards
10:00 ARC Light Breakfast & Chat
10:00 JCC Breakfast & Chat
10:30 JCC Exercise
11:00 Hackensack Pool & Cards
11:30 E. Rutherford Lunch
11:30 Garfield Lunch
11:30 Ridgefield Pk. Lunch
11:30 Wallington Lunch
11:45 Hackensack Lunch
11:45 Midland Pk. Lunch
11:45 N. Arlington Lunch
11:45 Palisades Pk. Lunch
12:00 Elmwood Pk. Lunch
12:00 JCC Lunch
12:30 Hackensack Bingo
1:00 Concert at ARC
1:00 Music at JCC
5:00-5:10 PAC Live at Five

Upcoming Multi-day Events:

Mon & Tues
10:30 Pal. Pk. ESL I
12:30/1:30 E. Rutherford Line Dancing 
Mon & Wed
8:30 Midland Park Tap Dancing
Mon & Th

10:00 E. Rutherford Bingo
Mon, Tues, Th, & Fri
9:00 E. Rutherford Beauty Salon
Mon, Wed, Th
10:30 N. Arlington Zumba
Mon, Wed, Fri
12:30 Bergenfield Bingo
Mon, Th & Fri
8:30 Pal. Pk. Bingo
Tu & Wed
10:00 Midland Park Mahjong
10:30 JCC Memory Games/Morning Workout
Tues & Th
10:30 Elmwood Pk. Movement to Dance
12:00 Kip Knitting & Crocheting
12:00 Kip Canasta
12:15 E. Rutherford ESL
12:30 Bergenfield Walking Club
1:00 Bergenfield Poker/Dominoes
Tues, Wed & Fri
10:30 E. Rutherford Bingo
Tues & Fri
12:30 Midland Pk. Bingo
Wed & Fri
10:00 Wallington Knitting/Crocheting
11:30 JCC Fun Fitness
Th & Fri
12:30 Garfield Line Dancing

Selected Upcoming Events:

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NJV Sponsors Neighbor Network Concept Kick-Off!

What an informative and exciting evening it was at the Glen Rock Borough Hall on Tuesday, May 3rd and an equally exhilarating event at the luncheon on Tuesday, June 14th! And, a third information session – a hybrid event (on Zoom & at Glen Rock Library) is scheduled for 7 PM on September 21st.

A group of residents invites all Glen Rockers to explore a neighbor for neighbor movement that allows seniors to maintain a vibrant quality of life as they live longer. Thirty residents came out for each earlier event - to hear about and share their input on the concept of a neighborhood network for those choosing to age at home in Glen Rock.

Residents Donna Feigenbaum and Teresa Gilbreath lead the event describing a network that gives seniors easier access to information on senior resources as well as finding ways to fill gaps in existing services.

Kathy McCann, who attended the first event and said, "The Village concept provides me with the hope and confidence to face the challenge of advancing senior years. It’s a well-designed, community-based idea…"

This network concept is part of a Village Movement in over 360 US communities composing the Village-to-Village Network.  North Jersey Villages, representing this movement in the Bergen County area, is sponsoring these information sessions.

If you are interested, please visit or call Donna Feigenbaum 201-575-0816.

To view a video of the May 3rd event visit: GR Neighborhood Network: The Concept

Questions? Contact Donna Feigenbaum 201-575-0816 or visit


YouTube: How Can A “Village” Help? Is now available This video is about the “Village” movement and the NJV HUB Village for Bergen County residents age 60+ choosing to age at home.

YouTube: All previously recorded programs can be found on the NJV YouTube channel.


The NJV HUB Village is one of the 270 villages cited in a recent New York Times article about options to institutional care…

“Innovations are also occurring nationally at the grassroots level.  A network of nonprofit 'villages' devoted to providing support and a social network to people who want to age in their homes has been growing for years; it has 270 member groups and 70 more in development. Villages typically cover a specific neighborhood or town, but they are virtual support organizations.  ‘It’s really a neighbors helping neighbors approach,’ said Barbara Hughes Sullivan, the network’s national director.” (Read more...

Open to residents age 60 and over, the NJV HUB Village can provide this neighborly support and a social network for those who choose to age in their homes in Bergen County. Join us…

Vaccinations & Going Forward...


There is a limited supply of the monkeypox vaccine in New Jersey. Vaccination site In Bergen County: Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, Annex 2 (white tent structure), 230 East Ridgewood Ave., Paramus, NJ 07652.

Anyone with a known contact with someone who tested positive for monkeypox within the past 14 days should contact their health care provider or local health department regarding testing and vaccine eligibility. Local health departments will continue to conduct contact tracing and offer the vaccine to anyone identified as a close contact.

Individuals with a condition that weakens the immune system or a history of atopic dermatitis or eczema are at increased risk for severe disease and should be a high-priority for vaccination if they have exposure risk.

Governor Murphy's Press Release on 7/28/2022

For more information on monkeypox visit: NJ Department of Health (DOH) Web Page on Monkey Pox  


Who should receive additional COVID-19 vaccine doses?

When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated there are still protocols to follow… (Read more...Updated August 25, 2022

How & Where to Get Vaccinated For COVID-19 in New Jersey:

Transportation to Vaccination Sites

How To Get Help for Lingering Symptoms from COVID-19: Valley Health System has launched “Care After COVID” program which provides support and specialized care. To access Care After COVID, call 1-800-VALLEY 1 (1-800-825-5391), and press option 6. 

How To Get Tested For COVID-19 In New Jersey

Can I use new drugs or therapeutics to treat COVID-19? Where do I get them?

Your Five Wishes...

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have heard about so many people who suddenly found themselves in the ICU… Do you wonder if they thought about or planned for a medical emergency such as Covid-19 pandemic- or even a car accident - could precipitate? Does it raise questions about how you could plan in advance  for your care if ever you could not speak for yourself – as a result of an unexpected medical emergency or even deterioration of your cognitive function? (Read more...)