North Jersey Villages


Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:10 Ten with Teepa
Every Monday thru Thursday
10-3 Respite Program at JCC
Every Monday thru Friday
9:00 Bergenfield Breakfast
9:30 Bergenfield Dominoes/Puzzles/ Cards
9:30 N. Arlington Cards
10:00 ARC Light Breakfast & Chat
10:00 JCC Breakfast & Chat
10:30 JCC Exercise
11:00 Hackensack Pool & Cards
11:30 E. Rutherford Lunch
11:30 Garfield Lunch
11:30 Ridgefield Pk. Lunch
11:30 Wallington Lunch
11:45 Hackensack Lunch
11:45 Midland Pk. Lunch
11:45 N. Arlington Lunch
11:45 Palisades Pk. Lunch
12:00 Elmwood Pk. Lunch
12:00 JCC Lunch
12:30 Hackensack Bingo
1:00 Concert at ARC
1:00 Music at JCC
5:00-5:10 PAC Live at Five

Upcoming Multi-day Events:

Mon & Tues
10:30 Pal. Pk. ESL I
12:30/1:30 E. Rutherford Line Dancing 
Mon & Wed
8:30 Midland Park Tap Dancing
Mon & Th

10:00 E. Rutherford Bingo
Mon, Tues, Th, & Fri
9:00 E. Rutherford Beauty Salon
Mon, Wed, Th
10:30 N. Arlington Zumba
Mon, Wed, Fri
12:30 Bergenfield Bingo
Mon, Th & Fri
8:30 Pal. Pk. Bingo
Tu & Wed
10:00 Midland Park Mahjong
10:30 JCC Memory Games/Morning Workout
Tues & Th
10:30 Elmwood Pk. Movement to Dance
12:00 Kip Knitting & Crocheting
12:00 Kip Canasta
12:15 E. Rutherford ESL
12:30 Bergenfield Walking Club
1:00 Bergenfield Poker/Dominoes
Tues, Wed & Fri
10:30 E. Rutherford Bingo
Tues & Fri
12:30 Midland Pk. Bingo
Wed & Fri
10:00 Wallington Knitting/Crocheting
11:30 JCC Fun Fitness
Th & Fri
12:30 Garfield Line Dancing

Selected Upcoming Events:

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The Village Concept

The Concept Meeting


Villages are generally member-driven, non-profit, community-based networks that help provide independent living resources and referrals so older adults who choose to age in place can continue living vibrant and healthy lives in their homes and communities, even as they age and need more support services. Most villages nationwide are self-governing 501c3 nonprofit membership organizations run by a Board of Directors elected by the village members. They are supported by a combination of fees, grants, and fundraising.

The first Village — Beacon Hill Village in Boston — began over a decade ago when 12 older adults joined forces to create a way for them to age at home and remain independent as long as possible while they enjoyed each other's company. There are now more than 190 villages nationwide with more than 150 in development using the blueprints created by these pioneers.


North Jersey Villages uses the "blueprints" provided by the Village-to-Village as we introduce the Village concept to Bergen County. The Village-to-Village Network (VtV) is a national peer to peer network to help establish and continuously improve management of villages, whether in large metropolitan areas, rural towns or suburban settings. The mission of VtV is to enable communities to establish and effectively manage aging in community organizations initiated and inspired by their members. More information at  (


According to a recent survey by AARP, 89% of older adults want to age in their own homes and neighborhoods. This is particularly true of the boomers who visited their grandparents in old age homes. It's not the vision of aging they have for themselves. For most boomers — indeed, for older adults — their vision of aging is one of aging in place. This vision includes growing old, if not in the home they have lived in for 40 years, at least in the neighborhood and community they know and love.

Fortunately, their desire to age in place turns out to be a very good thing — good for them and good for society. Aging in place has been found to improve seniors' overall health, life satisfaction, and self-esteem. It improves both their longevity and their quality of life.


Village Voices from Patrick Dunavan on Vimeo.