North Jersey Villages


Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:10 Ten with Teepa
Every Monday thru Thursday
10-3 Respite Program at JCC
Every Monday thru Friday
9:00 Bergenfield Breakfast
9:30 Bergenfield Dominoes/Puzzles/ Cards
9:30 N. Arlington Cards
10:00 ARC Light Breakfast & Chat
10:00 JCC Breakfast & Chat
10:30 JCC Exercise
11:00 Hackensack Pool & Cards
11:30 E. Rutherford Lunch
11:30 Garfield Lunch
11:30 Ridgefield Pk. Lunch
11:30 Wallington Lunch
11:45 Hackensack Lunch
11:45 Midland Pk. Lunch
11:45 N. Arlington Lunch
11:45 Palisades Pk. Lunch
12:00 Elmwood Pk. Lunch
12:00 JCC Lunch
12:30 Hackensack Bingo
1:00 Concert at ARC
1:00 Music at JCC
5:00-5:10 PAC Live at Five

Upcoming Multi-day Events:

Mon & Tues
10:30 Pal. Pk. ESL I
12:30/1:30 E. Rutherford Line Dancing 
Mon & Wed
8:30 Midland Park Tap Dancing
Mon & Th

10:00 E. Rutherford Bingo
Mon, Tues, Th, & Fri
9:00 E. Rutherford Beauty Salon
Mon, Wed, Th
10:30 N. Arlington Zumba
Mon, Wed, Fri
12:30 Bergenfield Bingo
Mon, Th & Fri
8:30 Pal. Pk. Bingo
Tu & Wed
10:00 Midland Park Mahjong
10:30 JCC Memory Games/Morning Workout
Tues & Th
10:30 Elmwood Pk. Movement to Dance
12:00 Kip Knitting & Crocheting
12:00 Kip Canasta
12:15 E. Rutherford ESL
12:30 Bergenfield Walking Club
1:00 Bergenfield Poker/Dominoes
Tues, Wed & Fri
10:30 E. Rutherford Bingo
Tues & Fri
12:30 Midland Pk. Bingo
Wed & Fri
10:00 Wallington Knitting/Crocheting
11:30 JCC Fun Fitness
Th & Fri
12:30 Garfield Line Dancing

Selected Upcoming Events:

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About Us

On Exit 168

North Jersey Villages (NJV) had an interview on WCTV program Exit 168 about the village movement and NJV & Bergen County Senior Services here in Bergen County.

w on WCTV program Exit 168 about the village movement and NJV & Bergen County Senior Services here in Bergen County.


North Jersey Villages (NJV) Mission

To establish and support local communities of members, multi-generational volunteers, and service providers to enable seniors to remain living at home with an enhanced quality of life by facilitating access to affordable support services, social connections, and enrichment opportunities as initiated by its members and in cooperation with existing programs.

History of NJV


Benefits of a Village


Board of Directors